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Customer Rewards

When you choose to buy your beautiful fashion and outfits from us, you join our community and earn exclusive rewards you won’t find anywhere else.

Each time you spend $500 on non-sale items at birdsnest you’ll receive a very special, custom made gift with your purchase. We’ve designed and created these special surprise gifts and we think you’re going to love them! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of our nest.

In 2019 we’re also excited to be introducing a new initiative called “Rewards For Good”, which will see a shift in our focus toward gifts that ‘give back’ - either for the planet, community or to support a charitable cause. Some special things to keep an eye out for include Lil’ Bit Soap Nuts, which are a brilliant natural alternative to laundry detergent. Packaged by hand using sustainable practices and packaging, these products are also bought directly from the community who harvest them in Pakistan. We are also very pleased to be supporting another amazing organisation called Niulife who give 100% of profits made from their hand-made virgin coconut oil products back to the local villagers of the Solomon Islands. We look forward to joining forces with you, our wonderful community, to share the love and give back to some very worthwhile causes.

To keep a record of where you’re up to with our rewards program, we link your customer reward code to the email address you use to check out. If you need to change your email address, just let our customer service birds know and they can make sure your reward total transfers over and keeps adding up!

Once you’ve placed your first order with us, any future orders are automatically added to your total, and you’re continually rewarded for shopping with us.

We’d love to hear any questions or feedback on our rewards program at customerservice@birdsnest.com.au. Happy shopping! Love, the birdsnest girls x