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Are You Passionate About A Cause?

At the nest, we love to give back to you, the #birdsnestgirl, who has supported us and your communities.

birdsnest is based in regional NSW and we know how hard it can be in small communities to raise funds, even for a great cause, as you are often asking the same group of wonderful people and organisations to dig deep again and again.

Our customers live far and wide and that is why each year birdsnest chooses to support a selection of grassroots community fundraisers, charities and initiatives across Australia with the intention to spark positive change around health, education, equality and community spirit.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

How Can Birdsnest Help Your Cause?

Most commonly, if you are running a raffle, have lucky door prizes or an auction - birdsnest can provide gift vouchers, styling sessions or other appropriate prizes. We can also provide gift bags for an event.

Please note, birdsnest does not provide cash donations for this grassroots program.

Very occasionally, we attend a charity event where we run a fashion parade and/or a pop-up store with a percentage of sales going to the relevant cause.

What Causes Does Birdsnest Support?

We are passionate about our communities having access to great health and educational facilities. We love supporting schools, pre-schools as well as health organisations and charities covering a broad range of conditions that affect every community, including mental health and cancer. This is where the majority of our support lies however we also get involved in other important community initiatives around issues such as aged care, domestic violence and cultural endeavours.

Please be aware that in order to focus our efforts:

  • We support domestic causes and charities in this program
  • We support Fashions On The Field at regional picnic races
  • We do not support sporting teams, trips or fundraising in this program
  • And while many individual stories are heartbreaking, we focus on broader initiatives, for example, research for cancer rather than support to a particular family affected by cancer

Please note: If you do know of a #birdsnestgirl who is suffering, you can nominate her for a random bird act of kindness. We will do our best to try and put a smile on her face, even just for a moment.

How Do I Apply For Support?

We receive many requests for support from community groups, charities and initiatives throughout rural and regional Australia and we welcome each and every one of them. Although it is not always possible for us to support every single request, we always take the time to review and consider each of them.

Here are some other tips on how to make your request stand out and give it the nest chance:

Firstly, Please give a bird some notice. The more notice that you are able to give us, the more able we are to plan and prepare to be the best support we can. Ideally we ask for three months' notice before an event.

Secondly, Provide the why and what :) Please be really clear abut what your cause is and how it gives back to your community, that is, why you are so passionate about it. Please also be clear on what you are requesting in terms of support from birdsnest and why you have approached birdsnest for this cause.

Thirdly, Don't forget the basics! Please provide the date when you are seeking our support, details of the event and your contact details so we can get in touch.

Please email your request, including all the details above to sponsorship@birdsnest.com.au